What Our Clients Are Saying

Since we installed Practice Evolve, our savings in time and money have been incredible. Preparing briefs for counsel is at least 10 times faster. There is far less photocopying and printing. We are not paying huge storage fees, or hiring couriers to transfer files between offices. We are also doing our bit for the environment, by reducing our carbon footprint.

Tom Goudkamp OAM, Managing Director, Stacks Goudkamp Lawyers

Our response time to clients is now considerably faster. Having the complete file on the system means I can access information in seconds at anytime, from anywhere.

Margaret Doyle, Partner, Kelly Kennedy & Co.

Practice Evolve has been helping us manage our firm in Sydney and Melbourne for two years now. Since we’ve had it installed we’ve never had to spend more than 15 minutes on our monthly trust account audits.

John Cheng, Principal, Berrigan Doube Lawyers

The guys installed with no fuss and within the first few days I could already see benefits. Practice Evolve is superb and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Greg Leather, Principal, Barringer, Leather Lawyers

I just love the booklet feature; it instantly generates briefs of amazing quality.

Toya Kha, Principal, TK Legal

Practice Evolve has helped us enormously, in achieving efficiencies and reducing our admin. time.

Anton Shuli, Principal, iLaw

Practice Evolve has greatly improved our efficiency… I have every version, of every document, at my fingertips the instant I need it.

Natalia Wuth, Legal Counsel, Group Legal, Suncorp Bank

We are very pleased with Practice Evolve and have recommended it to a number of colleagues. We are very impressed by the smoothness of the system. Also, our expectations are almost always continually surpassed every time we speak with the support team; they provide timely and effective responses to our queries.

Ehsan Fallahi, Partner, MistryFallahi Lawyers & Business Advisors