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practice-evolve-img-1Practice Evolve™ was established by experienced lawyers who wanted a functional, cost-effective practice management solution. Unhappy with the complicated and overpriced solutions available to them, they knew there had to be a better way. Working closely with our team of highly skilled software engineers, they developed Practice Evolve™, solving the practice management issues facing legal firms today.

Practice Evolve™ is in use by global enterprises with several hundred users; with deployments regularly storing repositories of documents numbering in the hundreds of thousands to millions. It can be readily extended to adapt to changing requirements, and can be deployed quickly. Interested in a FREE, no obligation demonstration?

Practice Evolve™ is developed in accordance with the accounting and trust guidelines of The Law Institute of Victoria, and Law Society of New South Wales.

Work Better

  • View all client and case information
  • Reduce the risk of misplacing files
  • Accelerate delivery of documents to clients
  • Improve quality of service to clients
  • Access your client file anytime, anywhere

Work Smarter

  • Reduce wasteful tasks & boost productivity
  • Increase profitability of common tasks
  • Have up-to-date status on all matters
  • Maintain a complete document version
  • Maintain a complete activity history-automatically


  • Unify procedures and processes
  • Lower your dependency on the paper file
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Manage risk
  • Staff find what they need when they need it


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Practice Evolve™ is in use by global enterprises with several hundred users; with deployments regularly storing repositories of documents numbering in the hundreds of thousands to millions. It can be readily extended to adapt to changing requirements, and can be deployed quickly. Click below if you are interested in a free demonstration.

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Locate and view any piece of documentation. Find what you need based on content, name, date, size, or any criteria you care to add.
practice-evolve-ico-2Invoicing Wizard
Streamline your billing cycle. It will guide you through the drafting, reviewing and finalising multiple invoices. Automatically convert timesheet descriptions into billing narratives.
practice-evolve-ico-3Brief Editor
Make deadlines with plenty of time to spare. The “Brief Editor” feature can automate this laborious task in seconds, with drag-and-drop simplicity, complete with pagination and table of contents.


Simple, accurate, flexible and configurable; easily input and track billable hours against performance targets. Practice Evolve™ allows posting of timed and itemised entries, and selection of delegates, to complete timesheets on your behalf.
Traceable, auditable and useful record-keeping and decision-making tool to enable your firm make timely and informed business decisions.
practice-evolve-ico-6Accounting Reports
Reports that provide understandable, reliable and relevant information, in compliance with the Statement of Accounting Concepts 2, issued by the Australian Accounting Research Foundation.


practice-evolve-ico-7Document Management
No need to refer to the physical file for information. By storing all information within Practice Evolve™ you can be sure that documents are securely stored, and are available for easy retrieval the instant they are needed.
You will never need to calculate time again. Just click a button when you start and stop working on matters, and Practice Evolve™ will take care of the rest. Automatic time recording automatically records the matter that currently has a fee earner’s attention.
Access your office directly 24/7 via an internet connection and work on matters and documents while in transit or meeting with clients.


practice-evolve-ico-10Document Creation
Drafts can be auto-generated from relevant case information into any number of your own pre-approved templates.
practice-evolve-ico-11Email Integration
Practice Evolve™ works directly with Microsoft Outlook, automatically routing emails to cases based on agreed criteria. Emails can also be “dragged and dropped” to the case directly for extra efficiency and ease-of-use.
practice-evolve-ico-12Digital Dictation
Tapes are dead – digital is the way forward. Practice Evolve™ includes integrated dictation software for each user.


practice-evolve-ico-13One Office One Calender
All tasks, appointments, call logs and notes in relation to a particular matter in one location; providing you with an instant overview file activity and ensuring the smooth running of your firm.
practice-evolve-ico-14Scanning as Easy as 1,2,3
Work without the paper file. Practice Evolve™ has an integrated scanning function that allows single document scans or bulk document scanning.
Automate your processes and ensure each activity in the life of a matter is completed, audited and tracked; achieve an efficient, productive working environment, with the highest of standards of compliance.


practice-evolve-ico-16Hassle Free Banking
Practice Evolve™ automatically prepares your firm’s deposits, disbursements and bank reconciliations.
practice-evolve-ico-17Contacts & CLients
A database of all contacts is stored in one central location, which can easily be attached to each new client/matter, reducing the need for duplicate data entry.
You don’t wish to manually transfer your timesheet information for Practice Evolve™ to your accounts/practice management software, and you don’t have to. With a touch of a button you can transfer data to any supported system.

What our clients are saying…

“Practice Evolve has been helping us manage our firm in Sydney and Melbourne for two years. Since we’ve had it installed we’ve never had to spend more than 15 minutes on our monthly trust account audits.”
John Cheng, Principal, Berrigan Doube Lawyers

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