Customer Care


Our Expertise. On Hand. All the Time.

We believe that nobody knows your business like you do. In most instances, the structure of your business has evolved in a particular way for good reasons. We want to be part of the team that helps you to do what you do-better.

Workflow Implementation

Optimisation that Works

We will help you develop workflow processes that optimise what works and restructure what does not, to allow you more control and visibility over your business processes. Our Workflows chart a course through the most difficult legal processes, in a consistent manner, to ensure the best outcome for your practice.

Let the Workflow worry about critical dates; remind you when to create a document or to make an important call. Then all you have to think about is increasing your case load. Contact Practice Evolve™ today to learn how we can help your business.

Adapting to your Requirements


One size does not fit all! At Practice Evolve™, we partner with our clients to help them take that next step. We work with our customers to identify the features that work best for them, and customise the software to fit their needs. We pride ourselves on providing you with a personal touch, ensuring that you have the right support when you need it.

Contact Practice Evolve™ today to learn how we can help your business.

  • Security settings
  • Names of fields & objects
  • Screen views
  • Multi-branching Work Flows and their sub-flows
  • Can all be quickly configured to your specific needs.
  • Data structures
  • File Views
  • Menu layouts
  • Document Templates
  • And much more…

Instillation & Data Migration

Smooth Transition

Our Professional Services teams are expert at analysing and understanding your current business structures, processes and data systems, and preparing them for a smooth transition. It is a routine matter for Practice Evolve™ to import data both from legacy systems at the time of installation, as well as integrating with other tools that you use on a regular basis. Where appropriate we will link into existing systems, such as accounts.

Contact Practice Evolve™ today to learn how we can help your business.

Practice Evolve™ guarantees:

  • When planning an installation we will set realistic expectations
  • We will meet deliverables and milestones
  • We will always keep you informed
  • We will set realistic goals when planning an installation
  • We will ensure minimum disruption
  • We will walk with you through every step of the implementation


Solving Your Problems

Our Support Team is focused on one thing – solving your problems. We are committed to turning queries around quickly with a friendly, helpful attitude. Where necessary, we will access your PC over the Internet to help bring about a quicker response to your issues.

Because of the stability of our software, most of our calls are concerned with user training issues. Regardless of the problem, the Support Team is happy to resolve it with you. For support issues contact a member of our team.

“Since we installed Practice Evolve™, our savings in time and money have been incredible. Preparing briefs for counsel is at least 10 times faster. There is far less photocopying and printing. We are not paying huge storage fees, or hiring couriers to transfer files between offices. We are also doing our bit for the environment, by reducing our carbon footprint.”
Tom Goudkamp OAM, Managing Director, Stacks Goudkamp Lawyers


Your Training Academy

If users are not well-versed in the technology, they will not be able to use it to affect maximum efficiencies for the organisation.

Once your Practice Evolve™ system is up and running, the next step is to ensure that you and your staff know how to use it.

Why Train?

  • Helps you achieve the organization’s business goals
  • Efficiently using the system reduces manual labour
  • Work independently and effectively with the system
  • Realise faster ROI on your investment
  • Achieve operational excellence and growth
  • Get faster adoption of new releases in business processes