A Little Bit About Us

At Practice Evolve™ we love what we do and know you’re essential to our success. That’s why we have the same goal today as when we installed our first license – to provide a quality legal practice management software, value for money and excellent support. Our promise is to continue to Evolve with ever-changing technology keeping you competitive in the legal landscape.


Quality Service

Technical Excellence

My vision for Practice Evolve™ is to continue to work with our customers, in a spirit of partnership, to make them more profitable. The difference at Practice Evolve™ is that we listen. We have fostered a culture of attention to and communication with all Practice Evolve™ users. We listen to the needs of our customers and let them drive the direction of our innovation. Constant improvement, aligned with customer needs – relentlessly working to help end users meet their goals.

David Boland, CEO

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Practice Evolve™ is in use by global enterprises with several hundred users; with deployments regularly storing repositories of documents numbering in the hundreds of thousands to millions. It can be readily extended to adapt to changing requirements, and can be deployed quickly. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.